How does Elemental Cognition work?

From The Elemental to The Complex

Our system learns and understands human language like we do: it gets better at understanding more complex ideas by learning and building on simpler ones first.

Layer-by-Layer Learning

The system interprets language at multiple layers of meaning (i.e. text, grammar, semantics, logic, and scenes) and then builds a logical model of understanding, identifying any knowledge gaps in the process.

Continuous Human-Machine Collaboration

The system takes steps to build a richer understanding through continuous dialog with people and other sources of knowledge. As the Elemental Cognition system collaborates with people, it learns to formulate smarter questions and provide deeper explanations.

Creative Potential, Amplified

Over time, the system becomes more effective, accelerating our ability to reason and helping us solve problems. This results in more time for people to focus on what they do best: being creative.

Artificial Intelligence through Human Cognition

Our architecture is shaped by how people think about the meaning of words, not just by how words appear on a page. In that way, the elements of human cognition are the foundation of our technology. They are the reason we can provide meaningful explanations to people when they ask the question, 'Why does this answer make sense?'