Exciting news! Elemental Cognition adds three notable advisors. Investors Jim Breyer, Chris Varelas, and Sam Palmisano join the company’s Board of Advisors. See the newswire.

Today's AI falls short.

Elemental Cognition is driving the future of AI by changing the way machines learn, ensuring that they can explain the ‘why’ behind their answers. Through language understanding, our technology will be a thought partner and accelerate how all people learn, reason, and create.

It’s not enough to win a game, find a song or compute the odds - AI must be able to provide solutions to real problems and explain why those answers make sense. That’s the AI challenge we need to tackle.


Today's AI systems cannot learn how to determine why answers make sense or not. That is the research challenge we're tackling at Elemental Cognition. 

Our system leverages statistical machine learning while focusing on what we call natural learning, enabling humans and machines to learn from one another, share understanding, and develop rich explanations together.

We are a team of researchers and engineers committed to a future when AI can actually think.

Dave Ferrucci shares his thoughts on EC and the state of AI.